Get Help

Life can be hard and sometimes we all need a little help. Cumberland Good Samaritans has a variety of programs aimed at helping qualifying residents of Cumberland County with both emergency assistance and with long-term partnerships that can change lives. Explore below to find more information about some of our programs. But, remember, we consider each client’s situation individually. We look at each person’s circumstances and situation to see how we might help make a change for the better. If you need help or information, be sure to get in touch with us directly and let’s explore how we might partner in finding a solution that works for you!

Emergency Assistance

Sometimes things happen. Talk to us to find out if we can help.

Statistics show that most people are just one paycheck away from financial crisis. If you find yourself not knowing how you are going to pay a utility bill, rent or buy groceries, Cumberland Good Samaritans may be able to help you with emergency support. In addition, there may be other ways we can help you, information that would be useful, or a referral to a partnering agency to further assist. Give us a call to begin the process and see if you qualify or for more information.

Food Assistance

Food is vital. See if we can help with food assistance.

If your family or someone you know is struggling to have enough food to eat, please remember that Cumberland Good Samaritans operates the largest stocked food pantry in the county. Give us a call for more information and see if you qualify.

Career Resources

Looking for work? Check out our local resources for job seekers.

Job Development is a service we provide to help you look for employment. We can assist you with job leads, help you to prepare a resume and offer tips on interviewing skills. There are also resources available if there are requirements of a new job that you must have to begin work. Give us a call for information and to see how we might help you with your job search.

Education Resources

Need more education? See if we can help you get started.

Cumberland Good Samaritans offers a scholarship to Tennessee Board of Regent programs to qualifying Cumberland County residents. Like all other programs, income guidelines apply. We work with graduating high school seniors starting college and non-traditional students looking to further their career opportunities. The scholarship may only be applied to aid with the cost of books and tuition after all other financial aid has been used. The scholarship can be used one time. Please call for more information or come by the office to pick up an application.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Services

Addiction is hard to beat. See if we can help.

Cumberland Good Samaritans is very proud of the partnership held with Cumberland Heights who for over 50 years has provided treatment for alcohol and drug rehabilitation for eligible clients. An intensive outpatient treatment program is now offered on site here with possible access to in-patient detox treatment at their top quality facility in Nashville for those who qualify. If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction and would like information on the treatment programs offered by Cumberland Heights you can contact their office directly at (931) 250-5200 or contact our office for more information on our partnership to see if you might qualify for services.

You must be a Cumberland County resident to receive assistance. When you call, you will be asked to provide certain documents and information to verify your circumstances. The more information we have regarding the issues you are having, the better we are able to help you find a solution. (Even if you don’t think you will qualify for assistance, call us. We may be able to partner with you through one of our other programs.)